So, you are a Scrum Master. Now what?

It has been a while since I joined RWS Group and the team of Scrum Masters, so I consider myself competent to ask: “So, now what?”

“Scrum is easy,” they say. “It is just difficult to apply,” they say.

Am I the only one confused? Just how is one supposed to be a Scrum Master?

Things are never as bad as you think they are!

Do not frighten nor dissuade yourself. Scrum Masters can manage everything. If you can handle this, you can handle anything. Stay calm.

The team.

It is very beneficial to get to know your future team as soon as possible. From the very beginning, just listen and learn about how the team works. One of the more important things is to know what the team develops. Nobody expects you to be an expert right away. Your goal is not to become a developer (probably). But it is always beneficial to show interest and learn. I am pretty sure that the team will appreciate it.

Just try to be silent. Try to listen. It is not always easy. People tend to have a problem with being quiet. Consider it an exam you need to pass.

Study up.

There are many books you can read and videos you can watch to get inspired. Bear in mind that none of them teach you how to deal with Scrum in your own team. There is no cookbook for how to do this or that, now or later. You must learn, but also rely on your common sense.

Go for it!

So, now what? Educate the team a bit about Scrum. About what you are going to do together. Present it and kick it off. There will be good times and worse times, of course. Just believe in yourself and never give up!

Once again, things are never as bad as you think they are. Keep going!

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