Clarify and Re-estimate

In our last article, you read about the first two planning rules. The list of planning rules is long, so let’s quickly have a look at the next two now.


The Developers and Product Owner are equally responsible for the clarification of User Stories.

We already touched upon this in the articles dedicated to the Product Owner’s, Scrum Master’s and Developer’s To Do List.

What has not been mentioned yet is that the Product Owner is not responsible for understanding the technical part of the User Story. If he or she wants something that is not technically possible, the Developers have to say what is possible and how to deliver it. They are responsible for the technical solution of the User Story.

We try to avoid putting blame with this point. If the team is not sure what they should deliver, they need to ask additional questions. The Developers and Product Owner equally share the responsibility for the clarity of the work.


If there is a change of scope of a particular User Story during the planning session and it was previously estimated, it must be re-estimated.

If there is a significant change in the scope of work and in the complexity of the User Story between when it was estimated and when it is taken into a Sprint, that change has to be reflected. When the re-estimation takes place, the whole Scrum Team has to be present. Why? In addition to the rule above, the whole team is responsible for the delivery, not one single Developer.

Each team member has information about their work, progress on their items and different experience that could contribute to the User Story or encourage questions or conversation about a topic. Plus, we have the Definition of Ready in place and one of the points is that the User Story is understood by the whole Scrum Team. Why? For the same reasons above.


The next article will be dedicated to the Planning poker.

Thank you for reading!