Perfect Planning – Can It Really Be Perfect?

ScrumOne was defined in order to standardize the Scrum process for our teams and to clarify what we are talking about when we say that we use Scrum at RWS Moravia. It clearly states where ScrumOne is different from the original vanilla Scrum as defined in the Scrum Guide.

If we want to achieve a well-run Sprint, the key is to plan it well. Therefore, the topic that we will start digging into is planning and what it means for us when we say that it is perfect.

In this series of articles, we would like to explain why we do it, what led us to this and the specific changes that we need to make to our thought processes.

Over time, we will publish articles that will cover the whole Planning event. These will include the Planning Agenda and To Dos. We will also discuss in detail the individual planning rules that we have in ScrumOne.

So, what is Planning?

Planning is the first event that happens in the Sprint. Without Planning, it is obviously difficult to have something really thought-out, and if we do not plan, we do not know what we will do in the next few weeks. We will most probably end up in chaos, which we will dedicate an article to later.

During planning, we create the Sprint Goal to clarify what we will be working on during the Sprint, thus making is as predictable as possible.

It may be surprising, but the planning itself is more important than the final plan that comes out of it. Because we clarify the items that we are going to work on, it is easier for us to successfully deliver them at the end of the Sprint. We are not planning to have a plan; we are planning to be prepared for what may come during the Sprint. And if we plan well, it will save us a lot of trouble down the road.

Of course, this planning meeting has an agenda and rules that we should follow in order to ensure that we are on the right track and that we have not forgotten anything. We will publish the rules gradually and chronologically as they are presented in ScrumOne.

So, stay tuned! There is more to come!

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