Perfect Development in ScrumOne

Our last article slightly touched on the topic of the relationship between QA Specialists and Developers. We will now build on this and open another comprehensive chapter from ScrumOne: Perfect Development.

Similar to how we described Planning in ScrumOne, this time we will focus on Development in ScrumOne. In the coming months we will go through the agenda, explain the different To Dos of the Product Owner, Scrum Master and Developers and break down the different rules of development in ScrumOne.


We'll start with the first and only item on the agenda:

Deliver Product Increments of potentially releasable functionality that respect the Definition of Done.

A Product Increment is understood as a comprehensive functionality that will create value for the Stakeholders. If the Product Increment is not usable, it does not provide value. As easy as that.

At first glance, it may be confusing when we talk about potentially releasable functionality (and this wording was even removed from the new 2020 Scrum Guide). Not everything that meets the Definition of Done will be 100% released.

As it says in the November 2017 Scrum Guide that served as the base for ScrumOne, "A ’Done‘ increment is required at the Sprint Review". But during the Review, we may find out that a developed increment needs to be modified before it can be released. It is therefore not guaranteed that the increment will be released, and it is up to the Scrum Team and the Stakeholders to agree on that decision.


Our next article will cover the Product Owner’s To Do list in Perfect Development in ScrumOne. See you soon!

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