It happened again, and it was great again.

Our team of Scrum Masters attended another Open Space inAgile event, a conference where you can meet people from various industries who are interested in Agile. Participants come from finance, IT, HR and more.

You can read about the format and other things about this conference in my previous article.

Each of our Scrum Masters opened a session and discussed with others their approach and experience, what helps in what situation and what challenges we are facing. It gave us all a chance to see the topics from a different perspective.

We also saw that it does not matter where you work—we can all relate to the same things. It is nice to learn about how people are dealing with their everyday work and how they grow in their role of Scrum Master.

So, we are looking forward to seeing how the other participants will have developed in their jobs at the next conference, and reflect on our own development, too.

Have courage and be kind

PS: If you want to see our Head of Scrum Masters´ presentation, you can check it out here. It is great. The only blight on its beauty is it is only in Czech.

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