M-TA-Tech Offsite Report

On July 30th we set off with our colleagues to the beautiful city of Znojmo to focus on the cooperation of our technology and Talent Acquisition (TA) teams.

The reason behind this trip was mainly to concentrate on several common issues.

What's on the menu agenda?

The first item we discussed was how RWS Group presents itself within the job market and our recruiting methodology. Our talking points included brand reputation and how we represent ourselves in the job market and to the public. We addressed the positives of our company that should be highlighted during our recruiting process. From experience, we pinpointed which positions are easier for us to hire for when compared to others. From there, we pivoted to the unique benefits of working for us that may interest potential candidates. We talked about current initiatives as well the support we give to facilitate our employees‘ own interests and innovations. Based on these discussions, we should be able to better target our ideal candidates.

The next big topic was Agile. We discussed what Agile means to each one of us, and because we strive to have a clear understanding of Agile, we focused on its defining criteria. We compared Agile to the classical waterfall approach and also discussed traditional project management in relation to our field of work. Even Scrum as a framework found its way into our conversation since we wanted to clarify terminology and methodology for all the colleagues present. We were able to draw a common picture while still considering the original Agile manifesto.

It was only fitting that the next topic focused solely on AMI (Agile Moravia Initiative). We introduced AMI to our colleagues outside of the technology group and provided the reasons why it started in the first place. We focused on the internal relationships that we hope to improve and strengthen. An important part of AMI is holding Agile events, so we also provided information on them to our Talent Acquisition colleagues. We wanted to know which of those events could be advertised more within our company and how they could interest non-tech employees.

All in all

These were only some of the elements of our cooperation, and we came back more enlightened via insights and constructive criticism. Spending some time together proved to be beneficial and productive, and I look forward to working on our common goals together with the TA team in the future.

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