Happy New Year 2020!

On behalf of all Scrum Masters at RWS Moravia, I would like to wish you a Happy New Year 2020!


 If we were to summarize 2019, we must say that it was amazing!

Our greatest success last year was the launch of the AMI blog (that you are currently reading!). Here you can find out who a Scrum Master is, what Scrum is, how to recognize an Agile team and much more.

We also wrote and published ScrumMF in early 2019, and later its updated version ScrumOne. It is our own version of Scrum adapted and customized to meet our business’ unique needs.

And to provide even more interesting content, we started filming short interviews that are moderated by our new and brilliant Scrum Master Eliška Hercogová.



We wish all of you a new year that is better and happier than the last. Good luck and be strong!