Czechitas Digital Academy – Quite a Special Edition

Amid COVID-19, almost the whole world has had to get used to new ways of operating in the midst of a global pandemic. The situation was evolving so rapidly that it seemed all our plans were cancelled—or at best, shaken up. 

But we all adapted to the new conditions and Czechitas, the Czech organization that educates women in IT, continued to hold courses online, enabling women to learn programming from their homes.

And so, the 7th Data Digital Academy was held in Brno, with 32 participants willing to spend three months learning how to process, analyze and interpret data.

This year, our Senior BI Developer Ondrej Samohyl decided to join the program as a mentor to help a team of two girls with their practical project. 

"It was a whole new experience for me, because mentors could only meet the participants online, so I was curious about our first meeting. The goal was to match the participants with the most suitable mentors for their projects. In the end, everything panned out and I started to cooperate with Dita and Pavla on their project about the impact of selected factors on the development of real estate prices," Ondrej adds.

Ondrej explains what the whole process included: "The first task was to create a data model of their database. My role was to explain to them how to do it, and I also helped them solve other technical problems to be able to move forward with the solution."

In May, they finally met in person during an all-day hackathon during which they almost finished the project: the data was cleaned and the data model was created, so the only remaining tasks were to visualize the results and apply linear regression to understand the influence of a selected factor.

"It was hard for me, too, as I used statistics almost 20 years ago," Ondrej laughs.

Both Dita and Pavla impressed the jury with their presentation during the Final Evening on June 24th.


After three months, there are another 32 people ready to start as junior data analysts. Things really change fast, don’t they?