Building trust by delivering value
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Building Trust by Delivering Value

​Organizations are ecosystems hosting different domains, species and life forms, each speaking different languages and understanding signals in their own peculiar way.
One may think that, being in the business of linguistic services, RWS Group would have an easier time having one common language, a one single unified code that everyone understands and can use for propagating their concepts in a way that would be understood by all the entities in the ecosystem, where XYZ means XYZ and XYZ only.

Clearly, this is not the case. As all living things, our organization is made of organic domains where the alphabets, logic, systems of measurement, language and instruments used for ordinary routines are specific to each group or domain.
But localization is what we pride ourselves on doing best, so within our ecosystem, we should be able to translate our meanings and values into meaningful concepts for other domains. We will keep talking about XYZ but communicate it in other languages and alphabets as well.

Our group, the software development and technology department, is where the integrations, optimizations, automations, processes, tools, workflows, architecture, infrastructure, customizations, platforms—in one word, technology—are created. We stand at the backbone of the ecosystem, as all other departments benefit from and make use of the technology we provide, in one way or another.

Do you speak technology?

If you are reading this post you probably do, at least to some extent.

But we can't expect the meaning and value of what we understand as technology experts to be readable across all other functions and domains in our organization without some loss in translation, or without the receiver missing the important details that may provide the full picture of what we are achieving and delivering.

What does a bunch of Scrum Masters locked up in a room for a week have to do with any of this?

Two words are at the base of what brought us together for the Scrum Master Guild Summit in January 2019: trust and value. These words are the focus of our strategy.
Our framework helps each team plan, prioritize, execute and deliver value in a streamlined, measured and standardized manner. All members of the teams have a defined role and responsibility towards making the source data in our communication and translation process as readable and optimized as possible, to be interpreted and shared in localized form to the RWS ecosystem as a whole.

This framework is called ScrumMF, an RWS Group flavor of the Scrum Guide tailored to apply to our teams, our needs and our industry.

This is what we did locked up in that room for a week: we went through all the details in this set of guidelines leaving no stone unturned, so that as Scrum Masters we can continue to coach teams towards a culture of understanding and communicating our value.

More on ScrumMF and the Agile Moravia Initiative (AMI) from Robert Silar, Robert Chudy and the Scrum Masters team soon.
Stay tuned!