Barcamp Brno 2019 Report

On 5th October, a group of RWS Moravians decided to proudly represent their company at the Barcamp conference. This is their story...

Bar? Ok. But camp?

You may or may not have heard about the Barcamp conference before. It’s part of an international network of open conferences and workshops that focuses on new and upcoming trends. One such event is the Barcamp, held in our hometown, Brno. And it’s worth mentioning this was the 10th anniversary. Throughout the years, they’ve had guest talks on apps, user design, technology, media and marketing.

The conference also includes booths and presentations by local employers from these same fields. And that’s where RWS Moravia comes in. We’ve been present at this event for the past several years, and 2019 was no exception.

Get a closer look

We set up our booth in the lobby of the historic Scala cinema and were ready to meet with conference attendees. I was personally glad that we had a spacious area that allowed us to sit down and have longer conversations with people who were interested in what RWS Moravia does. For those who wanted souvenirs, we prepared small gifts such as notebooks, pens and canvas bags that featured the logo of either RWS Moravia or AMI, our Agile Moravia Initiative.

I was happy that many visitors to our booth were interested in what Agile means at our company and how we are practicing it. Agile is not just a buzzword; it‘s really a wholesome culture and it’s great to see people interested in it.

Many people were also interested in working for RWS Moravia. For them, we had a brief overview of vacant positions prepared and were more than happy to see if there was a good match. Anna Rejdová, our talent representative, was always ready to help those interested in becoming our colleagues.

During the event, visitors competed for interesting prizes by filling out our “localization quiz,” and following tradition, we picked a random grand prize winner at the end of the conference.

That’s all for this year‘s Barcamp. See you next time!

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