AMI Manifesto

Trust is a precious commodity. It is hard to get and easy to lose. That is not surprising. What may be a little bit surprising is how important trust is for the work we do in the technology and software development department of RWS Group.

We need our customers to trust us enough to give us space to do our work at the level we praise ourselves to be capable of. We need them to listen when we need their help. We need to listen when they need our help.

We need mutual trust so that we can explore new and better ways of doing things. To fail fast and learn from it quickly. To win where it counts. We want our customers to see us as partners. So that we can rely on each other on our ultimate journey—to strive for great things together, to move further and faster in what we aim to achieve. That is why we need to nurture trust where we already have it and earn more of it where we don’t.

This is where Agile comes into play. You may have heard about Agile in association with constant collaboration, continuous delivery, releasing faster, adapting constantly or any other features of “being Agile.” These are all strategies to provide what counts the most—the ability to deliver real value to our partners early and often. And when done properly, to earn and keep their trust. And that is what AMI, the Agile Moravia Initiative, is all about.

If you have any questions regarding AMI, please do not hesitate to talk to our Scrum Masters. And, stay tuned!