AMI Interview with Robert Silar

In this episode of the AMI Interview, we spoke with our Development Manager, Robert Silar, about how AMI was created and our plans for the near future.


Video transcription

EH: Hello everyone, welcome to another AMI video. I'm sitting here today with our Development Manager Robert Silar. Hello Robert.

RS: Hello Eliska.

EH: Thank you for coming.

RS: Hello guys.

EH: So Robert, you are
the creator of AMI.

RS: Yeah.

EH: Therefore, my first question is, what is AMI?

RS: AMI is Agile Moravia Initiative, and that's all. It's very shortly.

EH: Okay, and how did you come to create AMI?

RS: You know, some of you, which work for Moravia more than two years, you know, that in the past we tried to do some kind of transformation. We were successful,
it was like a level one, and right now we are working on the level two. And level two, we come up with the initiative, it's not just about the technology department, but it's about the whole company. And thanks to this initiative, we are open for the feedback. Because you know, if you work on process or improvement of the process, if you work on the product but you don't have the feedback, you don't know if you are on the right way or if you are doing the right thing.

EH: Okay.

RS: And this is why AMI. We are asking, and we are open for the feedback from another departments from our stakeholders, from our colleagues here in RWS Moravia.

EH: And what are the plans for the near future?

RS: Yeah, it's plan is to standardize our Agile development processes, also to standardize TargetProcess views, it's some kind of a tool which we are using for development, like the Planning, for the Daily Stand-ups, for the Retrospective, then you can collect the data about life-cycle, yeah, if you are interesting like a Product Manager or Product Owner, then you need to know if you will deliver within two weeks the value.

EH: Well, that's all for today. Thank you Robert for coming. Thank you guys for watching, and I will see you next time.

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