AMI Interview with Eva Valachova


In this episode of the AMI Interview, we spoke with one of our Scrum Masters, Eva Valachova, about the role of a Scrum Master and about the benefits that Scrum brings to the Scrum Team, especially to the Product Owner and developers.



Video transcription


EH: Hello and welcome everyone to another AMI interview. I’m sitting here today with Scrum Master Eva Valachova. Hello Evi, welcome.

EV: Hello.

EH: Thank you for accepting. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your previous job experience?

EV: Yes. Sure. But first of all thank you very much for inviting me to this interview. Well, I’m Scrum Master in Symfonie team, previously I was working at IBM as a project manager so this is really a big step forward and a big change and a big challenge as well.

EH: And in your opinion what is the role of a Scrum Master?

EV: A Scrum Master is a leader as well as coach for the Scrum Team and he’s mainly responsible for trying to get the team to be self-organized and like really well motivated for achieving the best possible results. Then, he is responsible for resolving the impediments which can come from outside from Stakeholders and maybe also from Product Owner, it really depends.
And the main, really main like the core thing he is responsible for is to help and to help everyone.

EH: Uhm. And how does the team, especially Product Owner and developers benefit from Scrum?

EV: Yes, well, the Product Owner can really actively lead the project in the right direction and he can very easily adapt to all the requirements which can come from outside, from Stakeholders for example.
And, for developers, I would say this is really the greatest way how to work they can really focus on the developing and not, they are not really disrupted.

EH: Yeah, bothered by anything else.

EV: Yeah, bothered by anybody.

EH: Thank you again for coming.

EV: Thank you for inviting me.

EH: I will see you guys next time.

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