AMI Interview with Andrea Hendy

In this episode of the AMI Interview, we spoke with our Scrum Master Andrea Hendy about the differences between Scrum Masters and Agile coaches, the challenges she faces as a Scrum Master, the difference between remote and co-located teams and who or what helps her the most in her daily work.

Video transcription

EH: Hello, everyone. Welcome to, AMI Interview. Today I'm sitting here with the Scrum Master Andrea Hendy. Hi. And Andrea, my first question is, I know you worked as an Agile coach in a previous job, so what are the differences between Scrum Master and Agile coach?

AH: As Agile coach, you are teaching the Agile principles, practices, you are showing how to set up the team, and when team has a problem, they can come to you, ask you for advice, but solution is up to them. When you are a Scrum Master, you're doing all that as well, but the main difference is that you are with them on the floor, so when there is a problem, you cannot escape it. As Agile coach, you are giving advices; as a Scrum Master, you need to help them to find the solution and get out of the situation.

EH: What are the biggest challenges you as a Scrum Master are facing every day?

AH: Well, you mean to survive the day?

EH: Yeah.

AH: Yeah. No, I'm, I'm kidding. The biggest challenge is to protect the team from outside disturbance, to help them to stay on the path at least during the Sprint for things that were planned.

EH: Your team is remote. How is that different than having a team beside you?

AH: Okay. As you mentioned, I worked as a Agile coach, and I worked for a big international company and I had 10 teams, all remote. So, I am used to remote teams. The biggest difference is that, as you said, you have people beside you, you can ask them questions directly without time delay. There is nothing better than face-to-face
communication. And, for sure, I like the days the best, when I have all team, in the office, because I can see the communication is much better, the team spirit is up, and it's much better altogether.

EH: Andrea, my last question for you is, what or who helps you with your daily Scrum work?

AH: Scrum framework is a really good tool to help you, but there is nothing better than to work with good people as well. And I'm really lucky to have a really good team. I have good senior developers Viktor, Michal and Jakub, I would not change them for anything. And I think all together we are really lucky that we have Jindra who is our Product Owner, and he is helping us to go towards the success, doesn't matter how difficult, or how many obstacles we find on the way.
And last but not least, I have really good colleagues within the Scrum Masters, and I think, we are each individual, with different skill set, but all together there is nothing we couldn't do.

EH: Yeah. Yeah. All together we are a great team.

AH: Of course.

EH: Thank you, Andrea, for coming.

AH: You're welcome.

EH: Thank you guys for watching, and I will see you next time.

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