Agile conference @ Rosario city

This was my first “open space,” my first Agile conference, and my first contact with Agile people from other Latin American countries.

The 12th Latin American Agility Conference was held over 3 days in my hometown, Rosario, Argentina, on September 19th, 20th and 21st, 2019. My colleague and I showed up to represent RWS Moravia. What a great opportunity to attend my first Agile conference, and I didn't even have to travel abroad!

Overall, a thousand people attended. During these three days, people from all over Latin America presented plenty of topics, shared a lot of ideas, discussed tons of best practices and issues and of course met with whomever they sat with in in the “open space” talks.

I met people from Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, Paraguay, Costa Rica and of course, Argentina. I learned not only technical, but philosophical, motivational, practical and even music-related Agile approaches. You could find talks about any color, any flavor of Agile. I wish I could have attended all of them, but I had to decide. Isn’t life just one big decision?

The three-day conference was Agile all the way. On the first day, the hosts kicked off the event with a tango band and even a couple of dancers to entertain us.
Every day we had a Planning session (or “Marketplace”) where the presenters pitched the talks or presentations they were going to give that day. So, if you were interested in any of them, you only had to remember the topic and then find it on the schedule board. We also had a Retrospective session together at the end of every day in which we gave feedback about the event.

The whole experience was very enriching. And the content of the talks made it even more enlightening.

At the end of the conference on the third day, we had a huge Retro session where all the participants got to discuss the takeaways and action items for next year’s conference. We also had a farewell party with an Argentinian folk band and more dancers.

The next edition of the Latin American Agility Conference will be held in Montevideo, Uruguay. And I know I will do my best to be part of that one, too.

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