Advantages and Disadvantages of Scrum

Are you for Scrum or against it? Have you decided yet? If not, what if we give you some pros and cons of Scrum? Will that help?

Advantages of Scrum

  • The main advantage of Scrum is that the whole development process happens in short iterations. Therefore, when it comes to project changes, you can adapt smoothly and in time.
  • Stakeholders can provide you with feedback immediately after a Sprint ends and before the next one starts. So, the team can implement all the requirements immediately.
  • Through continuous feedback and regular testing, we increase the quality of the development process.
  • Often, communication within the team ensures a common understanding of the project and its solutions.
  • With the help of Scrum, we can prioritize. You may ask, how can you prioritize effectively? The answer is simple: because you have input from the stakeholders. And, how did you get their input? Because you talk to them.

 Disadvantages of Scrum

  • There are no deadlines for delivering products. Very often, this leads to long discussions between the Product Owner/Scrum Master and the Project Manager as PMs keep demanding new functionality.
  • Scrum is mostly suited for smaller teams (up to 12 team members is best). If you have a bigger team, you need to scale Scrum, which is always difficult.

While Scrum is not perfect, it is definitely a way to improve communication between team members and maximize the team’s efficiency. Also, it gives the stakeholders the opportunity to see the progress being made every day.

So, are you for or against Scrum?

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