What is AMI?

The Agile Management Initiative is an activity that was started by Robert Šilar in 2018. His motivation was to create an environment to help RWS keep up with the rapid pace of technological change. To support innovation, collaboration and value creation at unprecedented speed, scale and impact. To reinforce the position of RWS as a leader among agile enterprises engineered for the digital economy.

He also determined four pillars on which is AMI based, respecting the Modern Agile principles:

  1. Make People Awesome

Steve Jobs used to ask his colleagues, “What incredible benefits can we give to the customer? Where can we take the customer?" In modern agile, we ask how we can make people in our ecosystem awesome. This includes the people who use, make, buy, sell or fund our products or services. We learn their context and pain points, what holds them back and what they aspire to achieve. How can we make them awesome?

  1. Make Safety a Prerequisite

Safety is both a basic human need and a key to unlocking high performance. We actively make safety a prerequisite by establishing safety before engaging in any hazardous work. We protect people’s time, information, reputations, money, health and relationships. And we endeavor to make our collaborations, products and services resilient and safe.

  1. Experiment and Learn Rapidly

You can’t make people awesome or make safety a prerequisite if you aren’t learning. We learn rapidly by experimenting frequently. We make our experiments “safe to fail” so we are not afraid to conduct more experiments. When we get stuck or aren’t learning enough, we take it as a sign that we need to learn more by running more experiments.

  1. Deliver Value Continuously

Anything that isn’t delivered isn’t helping anyone become more awesome or safe. In modern agile, we ask ourselves, “How could valuable work be delivered faster?” Delivering value continuously requires us to divide larger amounts of value into smaller pieces that may be delivered safely now rather than later.

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